Monday, December 9, 2013

Marley's first Christmas with me!

Marley in Christmas Tree

This is Marley's first Christmas with me. This was a very nice Christmas Tree that he torn up. But how can you get  Mad at that cute little face!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chicken Eater!

Prissy Poo
This is my Prissy Poo aka Chicken Eater! This girl loves her chicken. She even knows when I bring it home raw from the grocery store! She can always sniff out the chicken! That is when The Begging starts.  I will usually will cook it within a couple of days!
When she finally gets her Chicken I always say The Begging is over!!!!
Please Purr for  Brian as he is down in the weather again!!
Purring for Ginger Jasper's family!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ginger Jasper lost his battle!

We will always remember you Ginger Jasper! Our hearts are aching so much for your family now! Your Blog was one of our favorite. We always enjoyed your silly antics!

We will always love you Ginger Jasper! You will live on in our memories!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Baby-face Charlie

Charlie doing more Yoga Poses!

Charlie when he was just a Wee Bit!!!

These are some older pictures of Charlie!I figured since I was not posting when he was a kitten I thought I would post some of his kitten pics.
Charlie's nickname is Baby-face Charlie! He is a food thief. Cat food and human food!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Marley the Stalker.............

Babybella's Laser Eyes!

Marley stalking Babybella! I love his persistence! He will not give up on his True Love! Marley truly loves Babybella and Bella will not give him the time of day either!

 Babybella ignoring Marley again! To try and get her attention..he always walks up to her falls down and rolls on his back! Bless his heart he has it bad for her! Just look at her....Totally ignoring him!

Lets try this again!!! It's funny when he gets up on the top of couch to be near her..he lays there and will slowly stretch his Paw out towards her just to try and touch her.....if he could just touch her he would be so Happy! He will never give up! Love to watch these two interact with one another! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Desperate Marley!

Desperate Marley

This is Marley's desperate attempt to get sun room door open! Unlike his brother Jude he does not know how to open the sun room door! Marley is not a sun room kind of cat. Especially in the Summer time. Now the Winter time when it cold outside he loves the sun room. I don't get it either...all the other cats love the sun room in the Summer time. They love to lay in the Sun Puddles! But way! Marley does have long hair but his hair is not thick. He has very fine hair as he is a Mink Ragdoll. His fur is not like the other kitty's fur. It's very fine and oh so soft. Softer than a rabbit's fur. He also does not shed much either which is nice. Marley loves to get up as High as possible. I have a cat tree that goes all the way to the ceiling...9 & 1/2 ft. tall cat tree. That cat tree has seen a lot of Kitty Action over the years too. My cats and the kittens that I used to rescue all love the cat tree!